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FEL ‘NA MAE [Recordiau Glanceri RG001

Geraint Davies has been a prominent figure on the Welsh-language music scene for over 40 years with groups like Gwenwyn, Hergest, Y Newyddion and Mynediad am Ddim, and has also written songs for Heather Jones, the late Ray Gravell and the children’s favourite, Mistar Urdd. On Mynediad am Ddim’s last CD, Hen Hen Bryd, Geraint wrote four of the songs and co-produced the album.


There are 11 songs on Fel ‘na mae, his second solo release, including two instrumentals, mainly written by Geraint himself. According to Geraint ‘What we have is a collection of songs from an older perspective – I’m far from being twenty-one by now and the songs reflect that. But hopefully that twenty-one year old’s energy still shows up occasionally’. 


One of the songs (Penlan) boasts lyrics by the chaired bard Robat Powell, there’s a cameo vocal apperance by the young singer Miriam Isaac and other musicians include her dad, Myfyr, and Geraint Cynan.There are a couple of songs pondering some deep questions (as we all know, the answer’s 42), side by side with a Christmas song, Twrci (‘It’s hard being a turkey at Christmastime’).


Fel ‘na mae’s a varied, acoustic, folk-oriented collection, with emphasis on guitars and vocal harmonies. It was recorded in Stiwdio’r Efail near Cowbridge and is on the Recordiau Glanceri label.







Geraint Davies     

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This is Geraint Davies’ first solo CD, following years of recording and performing experience with bands such as Hergest and Mynediad am Ddim. 

The album includes ten songs, nine written by Geraint himself, the other an acoustic version of Eliffant’s classic ‘Lisa Lan’. If the CD has a theme, it’s relationships and friendship: the opening song ‘Paradwys Gudd’ (Secret Paradise) celebrates good friends wherever they may be and the closer ‘Sefyll’ (Standing) refers to a friend who faced a personal tragedy heroically; ‘Dylan a John’ (Dylan and John) elegizes two other friends who left this world too soon while ‘Catherine Ann’ is a tribute to a major influence on Geraint during his formative years. Although there are feelings of loss, the emphasis in all songs is on the joy of friendship. 

‘Ymylon y Byd’ (Ends of the Earth) is set in the past, on an imaginary sea voyage with, again, a longing for friends and family contrasting the shanty-like choruses. ‘Twll yn y To’ (Hole in the Roof), however, looks to the future: there’s trouble on the horizon, but of what kind exactly?  ‘Eira man’ (Light Snow) looks at the romance and dangers of being snowed-in, and there are love songs in ‘Fel Ni’ (Like Us), a song of uncertainty even in the happiest relationship, and ‘Un Wen’ (One Smile), a possible theme-tune for grumpy old men everywhere. 

Musically, the CD spans a variety of soft rock styles, mixed with touches of country rock and pop. It was recorded at Stiwdio Waunuchaf in Carmarthen with Geraint Griffiths producing, arranging and playing the lion’s share of the instruments.



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